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Total Length 45 mins

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Who Will This Webinar Benefit?

This Webinar is for people wanting to Inspire, Influence and Impact their teams.   People who want to build trust by being who they were born to be not who they were told they should be!

In This Webinar, You'll Discover...

How To Assess Your BEING Using Our Psychometric Profiling Tool

The 3 Foundation Principles Of Andreia®

Identify Internal Chatter & The Power Of Words

About The Presenters

Host: Tanja Caprioli

Tanja holds a BA(Sociology) and has been a Coach/Seminar Leader/ Facilitator with leading training companies for over 11 years.

Host: Jayne Leslie

Jayne is an experienced executive leadership coach, workshop facilitator, and trainer, with over nine years’ experience and 1500 hours of face to face coaching.

Client Testimonials

Jenna Williams


I found by knowing myself and how I operate better, it became easy to take authentic action and lead my team creating a measurable impact. The Andreia® Method was the breakthrough.”

Sonia Cattell

Sales Executive

“I didn’t really understand my internal chatter was impacting me in ways that did not serve me. Thanks to Andreia I have replaced my old way of thinking with new positive ways and have a newfound clarity.”

Scott Collins

SME Owner

“The Andreia® Method has taken me from excuses to results. My language, the way I think and my behaviours now support the way I want to live my life.”

"Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality that guarantees the others."

– Aristotle

Reserve Your Seat For Our 

FREE Webinar Demonstration

Total Length 45 mins