How to Use Curiosity to Improved Engagement and Productivity – in Just 7 Minutes with Dr. Diane Hamilton

  • The motivation you can get from the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and how these experiences leads to business’ success
  • Why self-awareness is key to entrepreneurial success
  • Learn why you need to invest in building a network and the importance of serving and continuously contributing resource to your network


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John Williams, serial entrepreneur and co-creator of
the proprietary Andreia® Method. He works with professionals by inspiring them to influence and impact their world by unleashing the authentic leader they were born to be.

He started his first business at age 16 whilst still at school. spending 3 year in broadcasting by age 23 took his first gm position. since then, john has gone on to forge a career straddling both international corporate and entrepreneurial leadership roles over 25 years.

John is voluntarily married and lives in the peaceful outskirts of Brisbane overlooking the Pacific Rim


The Andreia® Method

Module 1 Discover your 'default' how the way you listen determines what gets your attention and focus.

Module 2 Re-create yourself. Find your voice, BE authentically you. Formulate your vision, get clear on your purpose and what you want to achieve.

Module 3 Conscious Action. Keep yourself engaged, on track and on purpose and generate breakthrough results.

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