Key to any Mission, Vision and Purpose are the Core Values 

The true value of a leader is to inspire, impact and influence those around them all the while allowing them to be who they were born to be and fully engaging with those around them authentically. 


How valuable would it be for you to have the ability  to identify your own fears/shortcomings/ repeated patterns (AKA: Roadblocks) with clarity on how to move past them?  This a key driver of success both personally and professionally.  It impacts how you are perceived by others and how you perceive yourself. The effect is transformed relationships and the results in all aspects of your life, in part by banishing self doubt.  

The day we discovered Living Consciously, we started Leading Consciously and set on a path to creating The Andreia Method.  We share the same goals and the same values; alignment is key. Without it, we would be pulling in different directions. We think it is important we share these with you if you are considering joining the Andreia family.


What we stand for:

Vision      – To live in a world of highly conscious beings where people are responsible for what they say and what they do especially in a Leadership context.

Mission   – To align individuals to themselves through the use of technology, one on one and group coaching.

Purpose  – To remind people who they really are and not who they think they are not or told they should be.


What is a value?

It is a principle or standard of behaviour; ones judgement of what is important in life.
Your values define who you are and provide you with the pillars on which to ground yourself. They are important in personal relationships as they define what to do and whom to do it with. In short, they are the co-ordinates of your North Star, guiding you to where you want to go.

They are equally important in a business context, in your professional life and in Leadership.  When action and work align with your values you have integrity.
Staying in alignment with who you are is what leads to happiness and fulfillment.  It is the foundation of authenticity and is what builds trust which is essential to Leadership.

Our core values are what we have built our business both on and around and they provide us the context in all the services we provide for those to whom we wish to make a difference.


Our Core Values:


Taking action in spite of fear, regardless of the outcome towards spoken or unspoken goals.


Being present to the best in humanity and beyond.

Making A Difference: 

Being a catalyst for change for the betterment of all.


Living beyond barriers, self-imposed or otherwise.


Conscious and self-directed growth.


The Andreia® Method

Module 1 Discover your 'default' how the way you listen determines what gets your attention and focus.

Module 2 Re-create yourself. Find your voice, BE authentically you. Formulate your vision, get clear on your purpose and what you want to achieve.

Module 3 Conscious Action. Keep yourself engaged, on track and on purpose and generate breakthrough results.

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