The Andreia® Method – Self Paced


The Andreia® Method – Living and Leading Consciously

Be authentically you and in control. 

Being responsive, not reactive gives you the edge. The Andreia® Method provides you with everything you need to Inspire, Influence and Impact by being who you were born to be and not who you were told you should be!

The course includes 16 Videos and online workbooks. An introduction and 12 lessons organised into 3  modules with a wrap-up video and workbook.

In addition to this, you will receive 3  downloadable MP3 podcasts, one for each of the modules you can listen to at any time. PLUS 12 Mind Maps (one for each lesson) providing a one-page visual representation of the lesson at hand. PLUS 60 additional lessons (12 topics I 5 lessons) for those who want to take their learning that much deeper.

This package is enormous value for money.



The Andreia® Method will increase your self-awareness and make clear the ‘mental models’ of the world that you are working with. Learning to see your mental models differently allows you to take control of your mind so you can create the life you choose. No more living by default, instead, you will consciously and deliberately create the outcomes YOU want. The Andreia® Method will give you a set of tools that will uncover what really gets in your way? Tools won’t do the work for you mind you, and they will make the process easier. The Andreia® Method is jam-packed with such tools.

You can determine your outcomes. You can create a world where you are simultaneously purpose-driven and making the impact we know you are here to make.

Knowledge needs a purpose, this course is no different. Before you begin this course consider the following questions:
  • What do you want to get out of The Andreia® Method?
  • Where are your growth areas, and what specifically do you want to change?
  • What have you given up on, but secretly still hold out for?

Bring those areas to your experience of The Andreia® Method and put them at the forefront of your transformation.

It is a fundamental truth that everything you have ever learned, you learned through repetition. You learned to write, to drive, and even to walk, by repetition.  You are a master of speaking your language because you practised.

Action is what makes the difference.

The Andreia® Method is not a course you do once, tick the box and forget.  It is a way of living and leading, and once you have completed the course, we recommend doing what we do…start again and do it again…and again until Living Consciously and from possibilities becomes your default way of living.

Course Contents

Module One – Discovering your default position


  1. The Lost Art Of Listening – Learning to live consciously
  2. Internal Chatter – What really gets in your way and how to move beyond it 
  3. What’s Really Bugging You – The anatomy of an upset
  4. Fear – Believing your own voodoo

Module Two – Creating the new you

  1. Speak Your truth – Live your truth
  2. Purpose – Why it matters
  3. The Power Of Your Words – Alter your language and change your life
  4. Responsibility – It’s an inside job

Module Three – Taking Conscious Action – Accountability

  1. Be Do Have – How life really works
  2. Taking Action – Accountability, who are you going to tell?
  3. Focus – Using your Reticular Activating System for YOUR good
  4. Gratitude – The key to it all


Read more… The Business Case for The Andreia® Method

Great businesses are separated from good businesses by millimetres not metres. 

It’s widely accepted high-quality teamwork trumps excellence in individualism every time; the operative words being High Quality and Teamwork. There is a direct correlation between relationships and outcomes (results). However, to achieve the pinnacle in teamwork self-motivation is key, and not just any self-motivation. What if your team came to work self-motivated and independently accountable to achieve your businesses objectives.


Sounds like a big ask?

That’s where The Andreia® Method comes in utilising a three-step process designed to set your employees on fire.  It IS possible to have employees who will come to work ready to achieve the company’s goals because it is key to them achieving their own personal goals.  This is the power of Alignment and it is not for the faint-hearted! The obvious question is how?


Lead from the front

Firstly, decide you are willing to change and use The Andreia® Method.  This is the program we will use to help you and later your employees become aware of their power to change their future. If you don’t experience a significant shift we go no further.  If however, it strikes a chord, prepare for the second phase by being very clear on what your personal objectives are. What do you want from your team? What you are prepared to give them? This last item must however remain an open question because we don’t yet know what they may want. Think more from what you are willing to commit to.


Make sure the troops are ready

We deliver each employee The Andreia® Method as a way of helping them create a future they want. The objective is to ensure each individual becomes clear their future is in their hands and only they have the power to create their future. This results in highly motivated people who are independently accountable and looking to find a way to their own future, and that’s your opportunity.


Make sure the troops are following

This is a vital step where we create alignment. Facilitated discussions are held with our facilitators guiding the discussion through a process of open communication. Where you as the employer are able to make clear your needs and your employee is able, with equal clarity, to put forward what they need from you to help them Be who they want to Be.

This process may take several hours or it could take minutes AND it’s not for the faint-hearted. It may be alignment is not possible within your business so the best you can do is work with the employee to help them move where they can Be who they want to Be and replace them with someone who can be aligned with your business and Be themselves. This is still a successful outcome as you have identified and removed an employee who is either already or who’ll definitely become disengaged because their heart lies elsewhere…

Let them go with your blessing.

By taking the time to create the alignment of goals between your business and your employees’ personal desires you turbocharge your business. Self-motivation is present and rewarded by the achievement of Company goals leading to the attainment of the individual’s goals. You’ll notice a culture of self-discipline taking root or taking hold.

 The Andreia® Method is not the complete answer and we have many other tools we can provide you with to help in other areas such as internal communication etc.


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