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The Andreia® Method – Self Paced


The Andreia® Method – Living Consciously

Being authentically you and in control of your approach; responsive, not reactive to circumstances and people really gives you the edge. The Andreia® Method training will give you everything you need to Inspire, Influence and Impact Your World by being who you were born to be and not who you were told you should be!

The course includes 16 Videos and online workbooks.  An introduction, 12 lessons organised into 3 (three) modules each with a wrap-up video and workbook.

In addition to this, you will receive 3 (three) downloadable MP3 podcasts, one for each of the modules you can listen to at any time.  PLUS 12 Mind Maps (one for each lesson) to provide a one-page visual representation of the lesson at hand. PLUS PLUS  60 additional lessons (12 topic x 5 lessons) for those who want to take their learning that much deeper.  This package is enormous value for money.