Who is the course for and why did we write it?

This course was written for us as a course to live by. We then realised it has a real impact on the Leadership sphere and keeping it to ourselves would have been selfish. In completing this course, you will regain access to the authentic you so that you can lead by inspiring, influencing and impacting your world by being who you were born to be. This is the essence of the power of YOU!

It requires a desirable degree of difficulty, much like going to the gym does. This effort will be rewarded by dramatically altering the course of your life, who you are in your own eyes and the eyes of others.

Just remember, you are a work in progress… W.I.P

With enough time and focus there’s nothing you can’t BE, Do or Have.

 “BE committed to

  Do whatever it takes to

  Have what you want!”


The Course into 3 parts


Module 1: Your Default Setting

Start here unless you have significant upset in your life then start at the Gratitude chapter as a precursor to the course. In this module, you will discover your ‘Default’ how the way you listen determines what gets your attention and focus. We all have a default or thrown way of being that we wake up to every morning. It’s not dissimilar to the screen saver on your PC or smart device.


The lost art of listening: Learning to listen consciously

  • Better communication is what is at stake.
  • Listening exercise to sharpen you listening skills
  • 7 levels of listening
  • Great listening requires effort
  • RASA a model for listening at a whole other level

Internal chatter: What really gets in your way and how to move beyond it

  • The impact of your internal chatter on you
  • The voice of “Not me” and where that comes from
  • Strategies to deal with your internal chatter
  • Mind the gap

What’s really bugging you: The anatomy of an upset

  • How do you define success?
  • Frozen needs and what’s really pulling your strings.
  • Labels: One of your brains’ short cuts
  • The implications of decision making
  • Perception and mental models

Fear: Believing your own voodoo

  • Another take on fear
  • Is it fear you are feeling or is it something else?
  • What is a distinction and why are they useful?
  • Failure: a common fear – it’s all in the reframe…
  • Isolate your fear and take action

Summary of Module 1

How you listen determines pretty much everything else and what you listen to or for determines what gets your attention and focus. It also determines the quality of your relationship in your life. Become clear on how that ‘little voice’ inside of your head is shaping your future and whether or not you are your own best friend or your own worst enemy. Identify the events that shape your internal conversations and where and when those events came about and how they are feeding into your fears. Those fears keep you stuck and have the potential to keep you inside of some imaginary comfort zone, a zone that you constructed, but no longer serves you.  You become clear on what the ‘default future’ looks like if you do not alter your current course.


Module 2: Create A New you

In this module you Re-create yourself, find your voice, BE authentically you. Formulate your vision, get clear on your purpose and what you want to achieve. Much like Micheal Angelo removed everything that was not David from a single block of marble to reveal his famous masterpiece, you will do that here in Module 2.

Speak your truth: Live your truth

  • Listen to yourself
  • Being heard through the noise
  • The importance of being straight and talking straight
  • Tell your truth and find your voice.

Purpose: Why it matters

  • Let’s talk about values
  • Defining your values
  • Purpose explored
  • Values exercise to find your north star / finding your north star

The power of words: Alter your language and change your life

  • Exploring the power of language
  • What your language says about you
  • YOU are a series of conversations
  • The relationship between words and results
  • You are who YOU SAY YOU ARE

Responsibility: It’s an inside job

  • Drawing the line and living above it
  • What story are you telling and does it serve you?
  • Blame, Excuses, Denial: What flavour are you?
  • Responsibility and willingness
  • The power is in the gap

Summary of Module 2

Living from a created context and not from your defualt position. Here is where you have formulated your vision and become clear on your purpose, or if your not quite there yet, you are well on your way. You have begun to see what’s possible for you and for those around you. You are in charge of the script you are writing and are actively working to create the life you want. Although you cannot control your circumstances, you can control who you ‘show-up’ as. You are not your labels and you actively choose which side of the line you live on.



Module 3: Conscious Action

In the final module you embed what you’ve learned and created through Conscious Action. Keep yourself engaged, on track and on purpose and generate breakthrough results and take you and your team to the next level.

Be Do Have: How life really works

  • Being is all there is
  • Free yourself from the tyranny of time
  • Mind vs no mind: the concept of flow
  • Breakthroughs happen at the level of being
  • Leaving the question open

Taking action: Accountability

  • Still the mind and move forward with ease
  • Putting aside the story
  • The law of non-resistance
  • Just take action
  • Andreia and accountability

Focus: Using your RAS in a way that works for you/getting the results you want

  • Living life with a question mark
  • Reality is a construct of your brain
  • Upward or downward spiral?
  • Setting goals that matter to you
  • Systems upgrade

Gratitude: The key to it all

  • Suspending your judgements
  • Choosing what is and dealing powerfully with your circumstance
  • Breaking free of attachment
  • The link between gratitude and life satisfaction
  • Living from what is possible not what’s probable

Completion of Module 3: Bringing it all together

All breakthroughs happen because of a shift in context. You have learned you can suspend your point of view, so that you might see things another way. You now understand that the direction in which life is lived is BE, DO, HAVE. Your results come out of who you are being.  If you find yourself you are no doubt dealing with counter intention and some disempowering story. You remove the story and take action! 

Action with considered examination beats abstraction every time as taking action creates possibilities that did not exist before. You embrace failure and learn from it. You refuse to make excuses and refuse the excuses of others.

To honour excuses is to live a small life.

You have learned to take proactive control of your attention and direct your mind to that which you want by having an intention to work towards every day instead of viewing life through the mental models you created. This allows you to focus on your goals and deliberately whittle away at them. This allows you to experience gratitude and it’s role in your living life to its fullest expression.

Now begin again and get to a whole new level!