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About John

Andreia’s Living Consciously is about  you living the life you want to live.  Living in alignment with your core beliefs and desires, Living a fulfilled and happy life! Transformation.

Have you ever been stuck in a job you hated? Only then to  take it out on those you love because you needed the money?

Have you ever wondered “What’s the point of it all? Feeling powerless to change anything one thing let alone your entire world.

Have you ever wondered why other people seem so together and going places when the only place you can go is around in circles?

I have Not so long ago I was living the life of an International Executive.  I had a $100,000 plus travel budget at my disposal and could go wherever on the planet I considered the business needed me.

When I was in the air,  I flew  Business or First Class. When I was on the ground it was the Hilton, the Marriott or similar.  I traveled for upwards of 180 days a year. I visited all five continents and over 30 countries and have forgotten how many times I have circumnavigated the globe.  It was not unusual for me to fly around the world taking 21 flights in 21 days visiting 6-7 different countries on 3 continents.  AND I HATED IT!

Living “Unconsciously”

The funny thing is I couldn’t have told you this at the time.  Who wouldn’t love a job like that?  I had aspired to that job,  worked my butt off to get it and was hard out working my butt off to keep it.  It cost me way more than I was prepared to pay but nobody wanted to hear that you hate a job like that!

It cost me my marriage, my relationships with my children and even my sanity as I slid into depression,  riddled with anxiety about my future as my financial fortress crumbled.  Did I even have one of those (a Future) or should I let the kids cash in the life insurance as clearly I was now worth more on the slab than running around.  That’s what I thought anyway.

All I could do was breath and walk…oh and drink,  I was good at that!  Breathe and walk and as it turned out that was all I needed to be able to do to take the first steps back to being me.  To the world I was a hard nosed, driven executive who hit moved and hit again.  Simultaneously inside the real Me was dying because the real me wasn’t that guy! I now know the lack of alignment was the core reason I could not continue to be someone I was not and it had to stop!

When I did stop I found myself in the outer suburbs of Brisbane walking 5 Km a day up and down the dog park whilst my little Italian Greyhound (Piccolo Levriero Italiano), demonstrated what fast meant to the bigger dogs!  I went on a journey of discovery,  a kind of finishing school if you like.  As you will discover nothing in the Living Consciously course is new or unique some of it is truly ancient and ubiquitous.  Much of it I have known for decades and much of it is taught in universities and other places.  The real trick is in  HOW TO DO IT!.  How to live consciously and with the help of my business partner Tanja and my amazing  wife Lucille the “HOW” began to reveal itself to me.

Looking Back The Future Became Clear

Steve Jobs said You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.

And this is very true.  Realising this Tanja and I asked ourselves;

“What If we’d known what we know now decades earlier or even when we were teenagers.  What If we were made aware of the power that lies within us?  What difference would that have made in our lives?  What difference could it make in the lives of our children?”

For me that is when Living Consciously was born.

The process of creating this course has been transformational.  I now sleep at night and take on life’s challenges from a new perspective and if that doesn’t work I am learning to change perspective and approach from yet another direction.  I have discovered the power of living from a flexible created context as opposed to content or by default.  I am creating my future now and bringing you Andreia’s Living Consciously as part of that future is in perfect alignment with who I am.

The ancient Greeks revered four key virtues, the one we know the least about is Andreia. As close as possible Andreia translates to Courage.  Andreia related to a soldier’s courage to be in the fight; to put his life on the line not whether he survived or succeeded.  It was the courage to “DO” hence the perfect name for us; Andreia and the by line The Courage to…  My new context is “The Courage to Change and Be Seen so as others might find the Courage to Change.”

Andreia’s Living Consciously will give you the foresight we only realized in hindsight.  It will equip you with a set of tools to that will enable you to Live Consciously; to understand your power to control your external world lies in controlling your internal world.

All you need to do is  COMMIT to change.   Without COMMITMENT nothing changes because there is no ACTION!  Living Consciously will revolutionise your life so long as you LISTEN, COMPLETE and ACT on what you are learning.

Go ahead take the challenge and let me know what happens! We’d love to hear from you…


About Tanja

My life has been a journey from self-loathing to self-love and from self -doubt to self-confidence.  I began working as a Behavioural Change Coach  leveraging my Sociology degree and my experience as a Seminar Leader which grew out of an interest in Personal Development and moving past my own blocks.

The Living Consciously Course From My Perspective

I have been immersed in Personal Development for some 20 years now and I love empowering people. Interestingly one of my clients gave ME my purpose in a coaching session. “I exist to remind people of who they are!” It fitted me perfectly, like a glove in fact and that is what I have lived by ever since.

This course, tired and tested on our and others was born out of a desire to empower as many people as possible and make this available as cost effectively as possible and offer a range of solutions to suit the regular Joe through to Corporate. A guiding set of principles, a framework if you like, to keep me on track is invaluable. I set an intention and “wrote a course for ME to live by”. That is why John and I both say that writing and living this course has been transformational for us. It has!

Now I haven’t got it all worked out, far from it! I will say this though, I honestly believe that anything is possible. I used to tell people that as a Seminar Leader in truth though I thought it was possible for them and not for me. I now KNOW the only person in my way was ME and I now am committed to getting out of my way very quickly.  I am happy to say that I do that now without hesitation.


                                                             up                     neg

I sat down and literally drew together all of the threads that I knew would inspire me.  The word Inspire comes from the Latin which was borrowed from Greek and means “influence or animate with an idea or purpose” Much more my style. Transformation might not be easy but it does not have to be painful. Suffering is optional!

I have set about debunking a hell of a lot of personal myths. The ones I told myself, and the ones other people told me. I just don’t believe them anymore. It is like I reached into my pocket, found the keys to freedom and let myself out of the proverbial cage.

The keys are in your pocket too.

We do not have your answers, you do. Andreia is merely the catalyst for you to realise this. If any of this is resonating with you then I encourage you to check out the testimonials page, watch the video below and get a taste of what it might be like to Live Consciously.