“Inspire, Influence and Impact your world by being more of who you were born to be and less of who you were told you should be.”

The Andreia Method

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Hi there and welcome. You’ve been searching and your search has landed you here. 

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess who you are…

Well not exactly, We are not psychic, as in we don’t know your name… but we know what makes you tick.

Here we go:

1. You are a business owner, a C Suite executive or C Suite aspirant and you are looking for something that makes a real difference to you and your business or team.

2. You want to dramatically impact and improve your results so that you can take yourself, your business and / or your team to the next level of success.

3. You know that to achieve (1) and (2) listed above you need a simple, clear and easy to follow system and / or plan that lays out what needs to change for you to             achieve the kind of results you dream of, desire and deserve. 

4. Over many years, possibly even decades, you have invested heavily in yourself, your business and your team. Done all the courses you could and read all the                books you could get your hands on looking for ‘THE’ thing that would make the difference and produce lasting results.

5. Sadly, you are disappointed to report that despite your best efforts, all the time, money and effort expended in (4), you have yet to discover such a system or                program that has yielded the desired and or promised results for (1),  (2) and (3) listed above… Leaving you loathe to trust what else is ‘out there’.

6. You are frustrated as you cannot find the way to be authentically you and lead in a way that is both effective and natural to who you are. You are fed-up with                being a square peg in a round hole.

7. And you are not a quitter, so you keep on looking, knowing that sooner or later you will discover the system and program that allows for the kind of bankable              results, (yes results that make a difference to the bottom line), you are searching for.



Without a doubt, Plato is the father of all personal development and many have followed in his footsteps.  Professional development is a natural extension of that, as is the body of work on Leadership. Andreia’s Living Consciously is our spin on making a difference in this very crowded space; there are a lot of programs out there. What sets us apart is we provide a HOW to so many whys!  Providing practical, hands-on solutions to answer the question “How can I make a change in my life and how can I be a better and more authentic leader?


  • What IF – All things were possible?
  • What IF – YOUR decisions and the way you think are determining your results?
  • What IF The universe and your world is responding to you?


Your life exists in a story and you are the both the chief protagonist and the director. You are writing the story; you’ve just forgotten that’s the case…

It is well known that changing your thinking can dramatically alter your results. The pathway to Leading Consciously is to begin to Live Consciously.   The Andreia® Method shines a light on your mental models and the structures you’ve put in place that are now your roadblocks and stand in the way of your personal and professional success. Once you learn to control your mind and master yourself, you can create the destiny you choose instead of living by default and letting fate deal with you as it wishes. Through the application of The Andreia®Method you can do this in a deliberate manner and engineer the life and results that you want.  


 Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.


Andreia is one of the four cardinal virtues from the Grecian Era, from Ancient Greek and loosely translates to courage. Andreia was about being judged by your actions taken and not on your outcomes. Hence, Andreia, the courage to… and you fill in the blank based on the actions you wish to take. The actions that will take you in the direction you wish to steer yourself, your team and your business… and having the courage to do so regardless of the consequences. “Feel the fear and do it anyway”,  put aside your yeah-butts! Those yeah-butts live inside a generally unhelpful and often nasty internal chatter.


Living Consciously  is your access to Leading Consciously. It is  not a course you do once, tick the box and forget. It is a way of living and leading, according to a set of self-directed principles designed to deliver the best version of you  and the most authentic leader possible.  Once you have completed the course, we recommend you start again and do it again…and again until Living Consciously becomes your default way of living, your default way of Leading.



If you have read this far then there is a genuine fit and a real need in your life and business for what The Andreia® Method provides.


Please be aware that you won’t be able to join the Andreia family without first having a discussion with us. We want to make sure there is a genuine fit. We are not interested in having clients for numbers sake.  We also have two programs, individual and group coaching, with different price points. If we can’t help you, we will suggest alternatives that are suitable for you.


So that we can have that conversation, please click here and go to the page which explains how our meeting will work. In the meantime, read on and discover the 8 key reasons why The Andreia® Method is unique and why our clients choose to work with us. 




Reason # 1 With The Andreia® Method, we carry the risk, not you. 

Most coaches and trainers ask you to trust them.  They say something to the effect of “give me your money and then I’ll deliver the value”.  But unfortunately, all too often people give them money only to find that the value delivered, failed to make any significant difference to their business. We do business differently. We will trust you first, effectively reversing the risk.  This risk reversal is superior to a money back guarantee. If you are looking for a program, or course and they do not offer this, our advice to you is to keep on looking until you find someone who is willing to back themselves first with no risk to you.

Reason # 2 Unparalleled Value for money.

The course is delivered online in 3 Modules with weekly group coaching sessions for those enrolled in the group coaching program. You have the power of community which stretches across the globe in different time zones. Leverage and network with your fellow coachees which provides cross learning opportunities that would not otherwise be available. 


Reason # 3 Breakthrough Results.

Breakthrough results fast!  See and access opportunities and results currently out of reach by using the unique, proprietary Andreia® Method.                                        If you can’t “see it” you can’t be it. You will discover what is in your way and move past it with ease and speed, setting in place new behaviours that will support  you, your team and / or business. 


Reason # 4 Simple Steps.

Success leaves clues and anyone who is successful follows a system. Comprised of 12 simple steps which are intuitive and logical, The Andreia® Method will empower you to Inspire, Influence and Impact your world taking you from where you are to where you want to be.

Reason # 5 Years of Experience.

The Andreia® Method combines the best of Leadership MBA and Sociology  to ensure results. We have empowered over 570 clients from a number of fields who continue to make real gains long after completing the course work. Never be stuck again, you have a system you can rely on, go back to and keep moving forward with, time and time again.


Reason # 6 Accountability.

The difference between success and failure is a high degree of accountability. Highly qualified and skilled coaches unafraid to ask the hard questions and drive results keep your experience of the Andreia® Method on track. We won’t buy into  your excuses… as the saying goes you can have your reasons or you can have results.


Reason # 7 Measurable Results.

We measure 9 key leadership traits taking the guesswork out of change. You will see where you are at, what needs to shift and have access to the tools to shift it.  Know with certainty progress is being made.  

Reason # 8 Easy access.

In today’s busy world it is more important than ever to have a user-friendly platform. You will have a coaching program in your pocket. Online access anywhere, anytime on any device, ensures that you can stay empowered. The Andreia® Method goes where you go, enabling you to continue to grow wherever, whenever.




“…From excuses to creating life now…”

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