“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

Mark Twain

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It could be said that Plato is the father of all personal development and many have followed in his footsteps.  Andreia’s Living Consciously is our spin on making a difference in this very crowded space;there are a lot of great courses out there. What sets us apart is we provide a HOW to so many whys!  Providing a practical, hands on solution to answer the question “How can I make a change in my life?”


  • What IF – All things were possible?
  • What IF – YOUR decisions are controlling everything?
  • What IF The Universe is responding to you?

Your life exists in a story and you are the both the chief protagonist and the director. You are writing the story; you’ve just forgotten that is the case…

It is well known that changing your thinking can dramatically alter your results.  Andreia’s Living Consciously takes you on a journey through your mind and mental models, enlightening you on what you can do to control your world by controlling the world within.  How through learning to control your mind you can create the destiny you choose instead of living by default and letting fate deal with you as it wishes.  You can determine your outcomes.  You can create a world where you are simultaneously happy and fulfilled.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.



Andreia is one of the four cardinal virtues from the Grecian Era, and from Ancient Greek translates to courage. Andreia was about being judged by your actions taken and not on your outcomes. Hence, Andreia, the courage to… and you fill in the blank based on the actions you wish to take… that will take you in the direction you wish to steer yourself… and having the courage to do so regardless of the consequences. “Feel the fear anyway” and put aside your yeah-butts! Those yeah-butts live inside a generally unhelpful and often nasty internal chatter.


Living Consciously is not a course you do once, tick the box and forget.  It is a way of living according to a set of self-directed principles designed to deliver the best version of you possible.  Once you have completed the course, we recommend doing what we do…start again and do it again…and again until Living Consciously becomes your default way of living.

“…From excuses to creating life now…”

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