What We Do

We provide customized one to one coaching for Leaders and Aspiring Leaders who are frustrated by their current progress.

Real Solutions, Real Results

Your personal Coach will provide individualized and systemized solutions that will harness the power of you in your team or organization.

We Come To You

By providing coaching via video conferencing, we are able to hold you accountable wherever your hectic schedule may take you.

Struggling to get the best out of you and your team?

For  you, your teams and organizations to thrive you need to empower your people in your organization.

Andreia Solutions Can Help

We can help you lift the lid on your results by utilizing The Andreia Method, a proven proprietary system, that will create a clear and tailored plan to get you and your team to where you want to go. A shift in Being to launch the authentic you; the you that you were born to be.

Our Clients

We work with people who are frustrated with their current results and want to dramatically impact performance and productivity.
Our clients understand the basics of leadership, have invested heavily in themselves, their business and their team.
They’ve read all the books they can get their hands on and are still looking for ‘the’ thing that would make the difference and produce lasting results. They are looking for the way to be authentically themselves and lead in a way that is both natural and effective.

“I didn’t really understand my internal chatter was impacting me in ways that did not serve me. Thanks to Andreia® I have replaced my old way of thinking with new positive ways and have a new found clarity. ”

Sonia C.


“The Andreia® Method has taken me from excuses to results. My language, the way I think and my behaviours now support the way I want to live my life.” 

Scott C.


“I found by knowing myself and how I operate better, it became easy to take authentic action and lead my team creating a measurable impact. The Andreia® Method was the break though.”

Jenna W.


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If you think we’re a good fit, the next step is to book a chat to discuss your particular situation to see how we might work together. If we can’t help you, we will point you in the right direction.

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We will go over your completed intake forms in detail, establish long and short term objectives and discuss immediate action steps. Select your Coach and commit to your coaching time slot while taking advantage of our

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The Andreia Method

Get access to The Andreia Method online. Meet with your Andreia Coach 2 x per month for the highest rate of success in achieving your goals.

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Our Core Values

What we stand for:

Vision – To live in a world of highly conscious leaders where people are responsible for what they say and do.

Mission – To align individuals to themselves through the use of technology, one on one and group coaching.

Purpose – To remind people who they authentically are, not who they think they are not or told they should be.


Taking action despite your shortcomings and vulnerabilities, regardless of the potential outcomes.


Being present to the best in humanity and beyond.


Conscious and self-directed growth for the betterment of all

"Live out of your imagination, not your history"

– Stephen Covey


The domino effect is a knock-on effect. Plan like NASA!

The domino effect is a knock-on effect. Plan like NASA!

So what exactly is PERT planning? To summarize you begin by crystalising the objective and work backwards from there. By working backwards or planning backwards all of the steps and milestones become evident. All of the tasks fall out of that and so do the risks. Once all of those factors have been identified plans for contingencies can also be made, once the risks and pitfalls have been identified and potential work-rounds created.

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Cause and effect: Which side of the equation are you on?

Cause and effect: Which side of the equation are you on?

Since the law of cause and effect is always operating, we are always producing results. If we bring a degree of intentionality to what we want to achieve, by definition we fall on the cause side of the equation. So if we get intentional about the result we kind of results we want to produce and what it takes given certain conditions give rise to the desired (or not desired) effects we have a much better chance of getting what we want or set out to achieve.

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